Rev Up to Scale Up



An intensive, structured approach to get your business on track and moving in the fast lane.

Six 4-hour sessions

Shorter sessions = deeper learning & retention

1:1 coaching between all sessions

Learn with other non-competitive companies

Business Tools & Value

Retrieve tangible and defined outcomes from the program that can be immediately implemented into your business objectives.


One-Page Strategic Plan

Scaling Up Comany Assessment

Functional Accountability Chart

Cash Flow Story


Process Accountability

Ibis World Research Data for Your Industry

Learn the four Decisions

Learn the Four Decisions You Must Get Right to Scale

Two Half Day Cohorts begin April 23

New cohorts will be added throughout the year



Focus on the people involved in your business through tools ranging from a Talent Assessment, Functional Accountability Chart, and Top Grading. 


  • One Page Strategic Plan
  • Core Values
  • Core Purpose
  • BHAG
  • Long-term: 3 – 5 Years
  • Short-term: 1 Year and Quarterlies


Strategy without execution is just hallucination. Learn accountability, process, KPI’s, and scorecards.


Get tools for your business from Cash Flow Story with The Power of One.


Putting the pieces together for a journey to success.


Scaling Up Tools & Process Overview



Talent Assessments, Functional Accountability Chart, Roles



Process Accountability, KPIs, Scorecards



Core Values, Recruiting, Hiring, Top Grading



Strategy Development


One-Page Strategic Plan

This Approach Leverages

effective learning strategies and enhances peer collaboration, making it a powerful format for implementing Scaling-up methodologies.

Enhanced Learning and Retention

  • Cognitive Load Management: Shorter sessions reduce information overload, improving retention.
  • Spacing Effect: Learning spaced over time enhances memory retention.

Practical Application and Insight

  • Immediate Application: Participants can apply concepts in real-time, enhancing learning through practice.
  • Reflective Learning: Time between sessions allows for reflection and deeper understanding.

Collaboration and Network Building

  • Diverse Perspectives: Interaction with leaders from different industries enriches learning.
  • Peer Support: The cohort format fosters a supportive network, offering mutual advice and support.

Feedback and Iterative Learning

  • Ongoing Feedback: Continuous feedback from the coach and peers enhances learning and application.
  • Iterative Learning: Participants share and learn from each other’s real-world experiences.

Flexibility and Customization

  • Adaptability: The format allows adjustments based on cohort needs, improving relevance.
  • Focused Learning: Sessions can target specific aspects of Scaling Up, allowing deeper exploration.

Six Weeks

Cohort Training & Individual Coaching

The Rev Up to Scale Up program comprises six sessions, each four hours per week. gain valueable and results driven knowledge through 24-hours of Cohort Training with three to five growth minded business owners. next, build your business acumen with seven hours of Individual coaching.

Invest in your Growth


$3,000 per person, max of 5 per organization. Business owner or CEO must attend.

Secure your spot through online registration

The Rev Up to Scale Up Program

Led by Peak Transformation Coach

Rick Drumm

Rick Drumm is a seasoned leadership and organizational growth expert with a rich history of guiding companies across various sectors. His approach combines practical experience with proven methodologies to foster business excellence.


As a Scaling Up Certified Coach and Former Certified EOS Implementer, Rick guided and coached over fifty organizations in diverse industries, including manufacturing, distribution software development, and retail, to scale operations, improving accountability, discipline, and focus.

Industry Impact

Rick’s coaching has positively impacted sectors ranging from construction to digital technology, showcasing his versatile problem-solving skills and strategic insight.

Prior Leadership

Before coaching, Rick led top global companies in the musical instrument sector, demonstrating his capability to drive market leadership and operational success.

Academic Recognition

His leadership effectiveness is featured in a case study by Babson College Professor Kassarjian, published through the Harvard Business Review, highlighting his strategic excellence.

Rick Drumm is a transformative coach and leader, offering invaluable guidance to organizations aiming for growth and excellence. His work with Peak Leadership Teams continues to inspire and drive companies towards their highest potential.

Education: MBA Entrepreneurship Babson College

Certifications: Certified Scaling Up Coach, Certified Trainer of Wiley’s Everything DiSC, and Five Cohesive Behaviors of a Team, Wiley PXT-Select

He is also proud to be a husband, father, and grandfather to some pretty awesome people.

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Two Cohorts April 23 – May 28

New cohorts will be added throughout the year

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